Cueva de los VerdesCueva de los Verdes

Lanzarote hides some of its most beautiful corners underground as is the case of the Jameos del Agua, or the nearby Cueva de los Verdes.

This volcanic tube of about 7 km in length extends further under water, and precisely the Jameos are part of this tube originated by a large eruption about 5,000 years ago.

The main interest of this large cave lies in its huge spaces (in one of them there is an Auditorium) and above all in the visual effect that occurs in one of its large rooms, that of the image.

The mirror effect is a real deception for the view because when you access what we see is an immense cave in which opens an empty space at our feet. The effect is so real that there are people who feel dizziness.

Just to enjoy this “deception” is worth going into the Cave and enjoy a walk underground.