Los Hervideros

Hervideros - H10 Lanzarote Princess

A landscape of great natural beauty is what form the rocks of the Lanzarote coastline and that taking advantage of the raging tides give rise to a great spectacle, similar to the “boiling water” hence the name Los Hervideros.

The Hervideros are located near the village or the lagoon of “El Golfo” to few kilometers and can be said that are places of obliged visit for the traveler like the Timanfaya National Park or more popularly known like Mountains of Fire.

The Hervideros are one of the meeting places where more tourists are seen. In addition to the contrast offered by the landscape, accustomed to fertile and green lands, there is no doubt that it has its scenic beauty, therefore it is one of the excursions that you can not miss when you go to Lanzarote as it is very close to Playa Blanca in The municipality of Yaiza.

The spectacle of the Hervideros is the result of the blows of the waves of the sea on the magma that reached the coast and that became solidified rock, hence the name of Hervideros, as if it were boiling water.

Take advantage of this excursion to visit the popular “Charco de los Clicos”, formerly a green lagoon and the Gulf, a fishing village where you can stay for lunch or simply refresh yourself and admire the spectacular contrast of landscapes that the area offers.