Mirador del Rio

Mirador del rio

The building has the peculiarity that it is hardly noticeable from the outside, thanks to a subtle and ingenious maneuver of camouflage that consists of hiding its structure under a heavy stone skin that completely mimics it with the surroundings.

After accessing the interior by a winding corridor we find two large vaulted spaces where two large glass windows – the Mirador’s eyes – are located, allowing to contemplate the extraordinary views from a privileged position.

On clear and clear days we can see the islets that make up the Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago: first we find the island of La Graciosa, behind this Mountain Clara and the Roque del Oeste and in the background, Alegranza. The narrow stretch of sea that separates us from the islets is called “The River” and gives name to this Mirador.
Also from here you can appreciate the risk base of Famara and the Salinas del Rio or Guza, which stand out for their reddish colors and for being the oldest saltworks on the island.